Platinum Psychiatry Reviews

At our practice, we hold our patients’ well-being in the highest regard. From the moment we get to know you, we are dedicated to ensuring your experience is exceptional. We believe in tracking your progress not only for health progression but also to showcase the transformation from your initial visit to your current state, highlighting how swiftly you’ve begun to feel better. Our purpose is to serve you, witnessing your journey to better health and a fulfilling life. It brings us immense joy to see you healthy and thriving, living your best life!

Platinum Psychiatry - Testimonials

I was very pleased they were able to get me in for my first appointment the same day. Dr. Shorten made me feel comfortable, and not like I was in a clinical setting. I appreciate his willingness to work with me and how quickly his office gets back to me.

– Kristin


"When I started to have anxiety issues and my doctor couldn't help, I began searching for somebody who could. In calling around, I couldn't get in with anyone for several weeks. I then called Platinum Psychiatry and spoke with Mel. She was kind and compassionate and went out of her way to help me book an appointment for the very next morning. Platinum Psychiatry was very helpful and I would recommend them."

- Jeff

"My initial visit with Dr. Shorten went very well. I was comfortable with discussing my problems and with his responses. I felt "equal." He seemed understanding of my choices and thoughts, which means a great deal to me. I'm looking forward to my next visit! I've been seeing psychiatrists for nearly ten years, and it is rare for me to look forward to seeing a new one. Decent prices without insurance."

- Madison

"Very professional, compassionate, and genuinely concerned about you as a patient and not your pocket case. I came to Dr Shorten feeling like a wreck but he listened, listened, and listened again. He has both me and my teenage son on track to feeling more like our usual selves."

- Christina

I searched for a Dr. for my boyfriend to meet with for weeks knowing that my boyfriend was reluctant to go. I was most concerned that the experience might not go well and my boyfriend wouldn’t give it another shot. Boy am I glad we went here. Dr. Shorten was AMAZING and not only made us feel comfortable but nailed it across the board with listening and helping my boyfriend to understand what’s going on. Do yourself the favor and schedule. You will not be disappointed.

- Michelle

"A brilliant, patient-focused psychiatric practice. As another reviewer had mentioned, their customer service is impeccable. The doctor himself is VERY skilled in bedside manner, and hearing the patient out. He answers your questions thoroughly, and you feel as though he cares about how well you're doing. He has helped me to achieve better results than any practitioner I'd encountered before him. Truly a Platinum-level practice!"

- Cooper

"I have been a patient for several months. Easy to get refills, is one of the few doctors who actually listened to what my goals were, and what medication I wanted to stay away from. Highly recommend. He is open to both Western and Eastern medicine and is very thoughtful and understanding. Genuinely cares about his patients."

- Alexis

"After having the worst summer of my life and feeling afraid it would never get better, I finally gave in and saw Dr. Shorten. He listened and offered solutions, giving me precise information on what to expect and when to expect it. I started to feel better immediately and now here I am a few months later feeling like my old self again and once again being able to be the mom, wife, and employee I want to be. I couldn't have done it without his advice and support. The hardest part is often reaching out for help, I know this firsthand. I encourage others to consider reaching out to care about themselves enough to do so with Dr. Shorten. You deserve to feel better and he has the knowledge to help you get there.. he certainly did for me."

- Rachel

"Dr Shorten is compassionate, listens to you, and helps figure out what would work best for his patient. The office staff is professional and friendly and is prompt in getting you in to see the doctor."

- Tiffany

"I've been seeing Dr. Shorten for 4 months. He is very professional and listens intently to How the medication is affecting me. I would recommend him to anyone."

- Scott

"A great team of professionals that are responsive via call/text/zoom. I have anxiety so being able to message instead of calling helps tremendously. I also don't have insurance, their rates are very reasonable."

- Mario

"They are extremely professional and nonjudgmental. He made me feel truly comfortable during our first visit and is willing to work with me to find what will work. I’m looking forward to working with platinum psychiatry!"

- Andrea

"Dr Shorten is great, one of the best doctors i've have ever seen, very calm, very knowledgeable I'm very happy overall with his professionalism."

- Leo

"I highly recommend Dr. Shorten. He has been so much help with my teenage son during some really tough anxiety issues."

- Emma

"Thank you Dr. Shorten for going above and beyond our expectations. You are truly a blessing and we are so thankful to have found you."

- Victoria

"In completing my initial appointment with Dr Shorten I feel confident that I will receive the care I was hoping to find. Ample time was spent discussing medical history and medications. I look forward to having this connection and can say that I will utilize Dr Shorten for counseling as well as pharmaceutical-related issues in the future if the need arises."

- Lisa

"Dr Shorten is a terrific practice. Very professional, caring, and a good listener."

- Tony

"Dr. Shorten is experienced, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares. He explains complex issues to me in a way that makes understanding easy. He also creates an environment where I truly am a partner in the decision-making and direction of my treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Shorten."

- Colleen