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Our Commitment to You

At Platinum Psychiatry, your journey towards mental wellness is our top priority. We believe that everyone deserves a compassionate and understanding mental health experience. Our 100% telehealth, outpatient clinic caters to both adults and children aged 14 and above, specializing in the treatment of mood disorders, anxiety, ADHD, and a range of other mental health challenges.


Our approach to mental health care is distinctive. In an arena often clouded by confusion, stigma, and subpar service, we stand as a beacon of clarity and exceptional care. Experience a new standard in mental health services with us, where your needs and well-being are at the heart of everything we do.

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Personalized Diagnostics

One-on-one assessments to discuss your symptoms and concerns for seeking help and detailed clinical evaluations to help you determine an accurate diagnosis.

Medication Management

“Team approach” prescribing of medication that is evidence-based to improve your symptoms in the shortest amount of time possible. During each follow-up appointment, we will closely monitor and support your progress on your mental health journey.

Support From Office Staff

Dedicated, compassionate office staff, highly trained and prepared to address any concerns you may encounter, ensuring your experience is smooth and hassle-free. Rest assured we have your best interests in mind. 

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Conditions We Treat

Conditions We Treat

We offer personalized symptom-focused care for a wide range of symptoms, providing tailored treatment to meet each person’s unique needs.


Anxiety Disorders

Depressive Disorders

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Bipolar Disorders

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post-Partum Depression

Acute Stress Disorders

Personality Disorders

Eating Disorders

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)



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Quality Care from Wherever you are


We understand that the traditional office visit and long wait times to seek help can be daunting or simply impractical. That’s why we’ve embraced modern technology to offer remote consultations and treatments, ensuring that distance never hinders your access to top-notch mental healthcare. 

“We are elevating the standard of mental health care by prioritizing your well-being giving exceptional care above all else.”

No long waits to seek help. Appointments in as little as 24 Hours.


Personalized Medical Care

When it comes to your mental health, finding the right medication is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We take great care in evaluating your unique needs, symptoms, and medical history to prescribe the best medication for you. We consider factors like potential side effects, effectiveness, and how the medication interacts with your body.

Experience revitalized mental health care with our exceptional, high-quality treatment plans that are both quick and easy to access.

One low monthly payment. No contract. No insurance necessary.

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Getting Started is Easy


Book Your Appointment

We’ve streamlined the process for simplicity and speed. With just one click, you’ll kickstart your journey toward improved mental well-being. Choose the time and location that suits you best!

Initial Telehealth Assessment

During the initial assessment, we set aside 60 minutes just for you. Our aim is to deeply understand your individual challenges before making any important treatment decisions.

Your Path to Healing

After your initial telehealth assessment, you’ll receive a personalized care plan tailored to your needs and goals. This plan will outline the next steps and strategies to support your journey towards better mental health

Comprehensive Online Mental Health Solutions
  • Easy to Get Started
  • Convenient Scheduling
  • Personalized Treatments
  • Hassle-Free Follow-Ups
  • Safe and Secure
  • Empathetic Staff
  • Holistic Support
  • Comprehensive Care

Personalized Health Care Solutions

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16165 North 83rd Avenue

Suite 200

Peoria, Arizona 853382

Email: office@platinumpsychiatry.com

Fax: (602) 654-1322


About Us

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Conditions We Treat

What is Mental Illness

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Bipolar Disorder



Phone or Secured Text:

(602) 730-6422

Our telephone line ensures secure and confidential communication, providing peace of mind for your psychiatry needs.

Your data is safe here. We won’t sell or use your information for marketing. Experience the privacy of our HIPAA-compliant telehealth service, blending convenience with confidentiality for your mental well-being.

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