ADHD Doctors
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Who can Officially Diagnose ADHD? (Which Doctors and Clinicians can Diagnose)

The diagnosis of ADHD is ideally conducted by a qualified medical practitioner or mental health professional, such as those affiliated with Platinum Psychiatry. This distinction is crucial, as it denotes the difference between a healthcare provider focusing on general well-being and one specializing in mental health. In the former category, professionals may include nurse practitioners or pediatricians, depending on their expertise, while the latter encompasses psychiatrists, therapists, or neuropsychologists.

At Platinum Psychiatry, our platform exclusively features board-certified psychiatric mental-health nurse practitioners, medical doctors, or psychiatrists. Regardless of the specialist, each is capable of legally prescribing medications tailored to the patient’s specific needs and circumstances.

Can Online Doctors and Clinicians Diagnose ADHD?

Before the onset of the pandemic, the majority of diagnoses and medical care were conducted in-person with doctors, clinicians, nurses, or certified providers. However, the pandemic expedited the adoption of telehealth, allowing individuals to access medical professionals virtually.

With Platinum Psychiatry, members can easily schedule appointments online following a brief 1-minute assessment test. For those considering an ADHD diagnosis, a 30-minute appointment with a board-certified ADHD clinician can be arranged. Upon booking, patients are required to complete an additional intake form 24 hours beforehand, along with three additional assessments throughout the process. These measures are meticulously designed to ensure thoroughness and accuracy.

Online diagnoses through Platinum Psychiatry can cost less than half of traditional in-person ADHD diagnoses, often at a more competitive rate compared to similar services. Membership with Platinum Psychiatry grants members 24/7 access to the care team and the flexibility to schedule unlimited appointments with providers. Furthermore, the medical professionals at Platinum Psychiatry are committed to treating each patient holistically, maintaining the same level of professionalism in virtual interactions as in-person consultations.